Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Recovery for #Hansensarmy

For those of us who have been involved with the Sonics movement for even the last year, today is a setback for sure. The most cynical of us were proven correct on this day, and David Stern was able to enact his mammoth grudge to our immense pain for a second time. No bone was thrown, despite an incredible effort from our hero.
But this is not the time to give up. Instead, it's time to remember just how far we have come in a year and three months. It wasn't all that long ago that there was no hope and no timeline for our hearts to be made whole again. We've bought into a narrative that thisKings deal is the all or nothing situation for bringing basketball back. That if the NBA wasn't playing in the Key in September, it was over. It doesn't have to be that way. But that doesn't change the fact that we've been spurned again.
So it's time to just take a break for a while. Recharge the batteries. For those of you that have the time tonight, pop your favorite movie into the DVD player, or listen to your best album. Take your mind off of the Sonics for a day or two.
Chris Hansen didn't commit to this process based on the Kings or bust. It wasn't all that long ago that Sacramento had their "shit together", with the Maloofs and Kevin Johnson pumping their fists together. And through that time, Hansen was still working. Things change quickly. They can certainly change quickly down there, and they will change here. There's a will and a way in Seattle, and there is too much basketball passion here to be ignored.
Remember that summer afternoon in Occidental Park, where the Sodo Arena narrative flipped. Remember the 44,000 fans that took the time to be counted among those ready to spend money at the new arena. Remember only a few days ago, when Sonics fans rallied at Neumos in the face of incredible pessimism. We're better than David Stern, and we won't let him beat us. There's no more important time to rally than when our backs are against the wall.
Now that there's no more "Sacramento vs Seattle", the Hansen group is just 600 million dollars sitting out in the open. Does anyone want to bet against the NBA wanting to have their cake and eat it too? Is that smart money? It's no guarantee, but tomorrow is a new day, and in three months we may have a new source of optimism. Hansen has been insatiable so far. Every option will be exhausted. The least we can do is be ready to mobilize for his cause. For our cause.
Again, just do your best to take your mind off of this. Easier said than done, I know. Take a break, and report back tomorrow. We are #Hansensarmy, and we're in this for the long haul.