Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Free Agency Madhouse Day 1: OVER

Soo, Hasselbeck's gone for good. In his place we've got Tavaris Jackson, Charlie Whitehurst, and Matt Leinart. A shame that they don't get to take the cumulative ability of every QB on the roster, because then they'd might have a serviceable signal caller! ZING!

Nah, I'm actually pretty okay with this "Post Lockout Insane Asylum FA Period Day One". While I would have liked a certain other USC alumni to be reaching between Unger/Spencer's legs this year, I do like Tavaris Jackson and think he can be a worthwhile QB. Seriously though, Bengals Owner Mike Brown is a huge twat, is he not? A straight bastard. I can only imagine how livid Carson Palmer is about the whole situation. 

As for players we DO have this year... I have to think that Tavaris is the clear front-runner to start in San Francisco on September 11. His career QB rating is actually BETTER than that of Kolb, and with arguably a worse team around him. Certainly a lesser WR corps, though perhaps a better front line.

I'm totally in favor of the competition as well, and it might be just the thing to try to get the most out of Leinart. Since he got drafted, he has always either been the clear frontrunner, or clear reserve. Now he's got a coach that made him what he is, and a WR in Mike Williams that helped make him what he is, but won't be handed anything. I don't think he'll push for the starting job, but I won't complain if he does. 

Of course, we can't forget about ol' Charlie Whitehurst. The man of two 2010 starts.

Frankly, no matter who starts, I want them to do well. If the Seahawks will be in contention for a Luck or other rookie QB next year, it should be through a trade BEFORE the season starts, not through a later trade or throwing the season. 

None of the QBs on the roster look to be the long-term answer at the position for our Seahawks, and that's fine. I'd rather they wait until they can get their guy than to spend Ryan Leaf money on... Ryan Leaf and devastate the franchise in such a way. It's clear that that is how Schneider and Carroll feel about it too. They are going to get their guy, and aren't going to settle for anything less. If that means a placeholder for a year, than so be it. 

Truth is, any one of these potential Seahawks starters could perform better than the more expensive alternatives this year, depending on how our team spends the rest of their free agent money, and the development of our young guys. If we pick up Gallery and Leach, and our young Offensive Line develops and gels together, Leinart could end up looking like Matt Schaub. Jackson could be the second coming of Michael Vick. Whitehurst could be Tom Brady. Well, maybe not quite that far, but I think the point is pretty evident. I'm much more interested in how the rest of our cap space is spent than I am on today's revelations. And those moves will mean more to the fortunes of Seattle's 2011-2012 season. 

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