Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Details on new SoDo Arena to be revealed THURSDAY

What an amazing turnaround. Two weeks ago, the Seattle Times came out with a story about a hedge fund manager from Seattle (via San Francisco) looking to build a new arena in order to lure the NBA and NHL to Seattle. Today, we are on the precipice of everything becoming official, as Christopher Hansen prepares to address the city of Seattle on his new proposal for a third major league sports arena.

Mitch Levy of "Mitch in the Morning" shared a few details via Twitter this afternoon. Most interestingly, "NO Taxpayer Money", and among the most private money put into an arena in sports history.

It's finally coming. What so many Seattle sports fans, who have taken to hibernating from the end of Football season to the start of Futbol season, have been waiting for... It's finally becoming a reality. We could have professional hockey in this city in EIGHT MONTHS. We could have professional basketball in this city in EIGHT MONTHS. As I said in an earlier post, Seattle is on the verge of becoming a five-sport city. I'm in heaven today. I'm going to be euphoric tomorrow. My state when our teams arrive (whether they be this year or in ten) is going to be indescribable.

MLB: 162 games, 81 at home
NBA: 82 games, 41 at home
NHL: 82 games, 41 at home
MLS: 34 games, 17 at home
NFL: 16 games, 8 at home
Total: 376 games a year, 188 at home

Soon, we might have more sporting events than we do days in a year. And that's a really exciting prospect.

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