Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A BETTER short-term answer at QB

Frankly, I'm tired of the Seahawks QB discussion. Barring injury or Mayan calendar, Tavaris Jackson will be the QB of the Seattle Seahawks when they take the field in September. That said, the talk about Chad Henne coming to the Emerald City got the few remaining gears in my head grinding together, thinking about the designated "competition" Quarterback, aka the backup. And a name came to me that I find somewhat intriguing. A name that I would trust to take over if something happened to T-Jack.

No, it's not Chad Henne.

Actually, it's his former backup in Miami, Matt Moore. Moore is currently slated as the starter of the Dolphins and set in a contract down in Florida. But it isn't a well-kept secret that Miami is going out of its way to find a new starter for 2012. Whether it be Peyton, Flynn, or a draftee, it's almost a certainty that Moore won't be Miami's starter when the season finally rolls around. Which makes Matt Moore not only expendable, but potentially valuable.

After taking the starting job from Henne after a week 3 loss to Cleveland, Moore went on to post a 16-9 TD-INT ratio and throw for nearly 2,500 yards with only a handful of games where he threw less than 59% accuracy. He only threw two or more interceptions in two starts. He put up these solid numbers on a team whose only weapons were Brandon Marshall and Jason Taylor. You don't believe me? Take a look at their current depth chart and tell me this is an NFL team. JP Losman and crew could easily be an AFL roster at this point.

He's not valuable for the Dolphins though, especially once they sign (insert QB name here). Moore, despite putting up solid numbers for an unattractive Dolphins team, isn't likely to command a bidding war. The absolute most he would command from another team would be a third rounder, but more realistically the Seahawks would have to give up a fourth or fifth (assuming they were interested).

Moore first caught my eye in his inaugural start against the 2007 iteration of the Seahawks, then playing for the Panthers. Jake Dellhome was hurt at the time, allowing Moore to march up and down the field against our defense instead. This was perhaps the first time I truly realized how bad Kelly Jennings was, and Moore took advantage of it (admittedly to a younger Steve Smith).

If Moore has one downside, it's that he has perhaps poor ball security, putting the ball on the turf 14 times in 14 weeks. Only six of those were lost, and those butterfingers can perhaps be attributed to an offensive offensive line (ah? AH?) but it's something to keep an eye on.

Moore has a track record of reasonable success on pretty terrible teams, and I'd like to see him play on a squad that looks to be a playoff competitor in 2012. He would take a trade, but I can't think of anyone better to compete with Jackson for a starting job. Hopefully Tavaris just takes the job and runs with it ALA Alex Smith, but if he doesn't the Hawks could do far worse than one Matt Moore.

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