Saturday, April 28, 2012

Seahawks draft 10 in '12 + Depth Chart

Round 1:
Bruce Irvin, DE
Round 2:
Bobby Wagner, MLB
Round 3:
Russell Wilson, QB
Round 4:
Robert Turbin, RB
Jaye Howard, DT
Round 5:
Korey Toomer, MLB
Round 6:
Jeremy Lane, CB
Winston Guy, S
Round 7:
JR Sweezy, G
Greg Scruggs, DT

It's finally over. FINALLY. And like every other sucker, I watched nearly every minute of it. I don't know how these guys are going to turn out. You don't know how these guys are going to turn out. No one does. But I know that there's a few of the 10 new members of the Seahawk's roster that I'm rather excited about.

First and foremost on that list for me is Russell Wilson. There are few names in college football that I knew before the draft process started. That list is mostly populated by Huskies, Cougars, Ducks, Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin, and some guy that stole the Honey Badger name.

The only other one was Wilson. I've got a Wisconsin alumni as a parent, so when the Badgers were on, they were typically also on. And I couldn't give you the name of anyone else on that squad, but I could tell right away how good that quarterback was. Accurate, mobile, an all-around playmaker. He's like Tebow, but with the ability to play qb. And he played behind one of the biggest offensive lines in the country (INCLUDING the NFL)

For those who are vocally adamant that the Hawk's made the wrong choice (I'm looking at you Hugh Millen, you annoying bastard) based solely on his height... Do you reeaallllllllly think that the Hawks didn't notice he was short? Or do you just think they're going to try and put him in high heels to raise his eye level? I'm pretty sure Schneider himself (roughly the same height?) has pulled out the measuring tape himself to get a first-hand look at his 10 5/8 altitude. And if they plan on playing him, they're going to game plan to his strengths, the way they have for every other player on their roster.

Frankly, I see no reason why, with the Seahawks specifically, Wilson won't be able to succeed. The only question will be if or when he can outplay Matt Flynn and Tavaris Jackson to take the starting job at some point. He may not be ready to go in year one (though I think he's smart enough to do so) which is fine, because I want to see Flynn get a chance at the helm, or for Jackson to get a full training camp. But Wilson COULD be the quarterback of the future, and I'm okay with that. Because if he were a few inches taller, he would have been the third pick in the draft.

For the same reasons, I am optimistic on Michael Irvin. I didn't know who he was when his name sprang from the speakers at the Seahawks draft party, but listening to Mike Mayock talk about him I immediately called Chris Clemons to mind. The fun thing is that Irvin can be even better than Clemons has been the last two years, and for far longer. Even though he's raw, he was still about as productive a rusher as anyone in college ranks. That wouldn't necessarily be valuable to other teams in the league, the way Clemons wasn't valuable when the Seahawks traded Darryl Tapp for him and a fourth rounder. Even though Clemons has had double-digit sacks each of the last few years, he probably couldn't replicate that if he went back to Philadelphia. He doesn't fit their scheme. He is built for Pete Carroll's Leo position. Irvin is even more perfect. So no wonder he wasn't mocked higher than the second round. His skills are specialized in such a way that they're only really valuable to Seattle.

The last player I'm quite bullish on is Robert Turbin, the runningback out of Utah State. That's not to say I think Seattle's other picks were bad, just that I won't have an opinion on them until I see them don one of Seattle's spiffy new uniforms. Check out Turbin's story here. It's about time something went right for this guy, and now the "Hulk" gets to back up the "Beast". For such a big guy, he's surprisingly shifty. I don't know if he'll be another Marshawn Lynch, but he should be a good replacement whenever Lynch needs a breather.

I'm hoping that Wagner and Toomer are good enough to start in year one next to KJ Wright. It's time to start a new chapter in Seattle's linebacking corps. Additionally, hearing Mayock just GUSH over Jeremy Lane was exciting, though my first impression was that he seemed a little slow (4.5 isn't that fast for a CB). He's got that Carroll size though, and sounds like a playmaker. Just like me playing my copy of Madden 07, Carroll likes to stockpile cornerbacks. In fact, he runs a team like I do! I need to start making some money off this...

Wake me up when the rest of the picks make the roster, because after three days of watching the draft, the Mariners, and Sounders, my head hurts.

The new projected depth chart:

WR1Sidney RiceMike WilliamsRicardo LocketteKris Durham
LTRussell OkungPaul Mcquistan
LGDeuce LutuiJR Sweezy
CMax UngerLemuel Jeanpierre
RGJohn MoffitLemuel Jeanpierre
RTJames CarpenterBreno GiacominiFrank Omiyale
TEZach MillerAnthony McCoyCameron Morrah
WR2Golden TateDoug BaldwinDeon ButlerBen Obomanu
QBMatt FlynnTavaris JacksonRussell WilsonJosh Portis
FBMichael Robinson
RBMarshawn LynchRobert TurbinLeon Washington
LDEChris ClemonsBruce IrvinDexter Davis
LDTJason JonesAlan BranchJaye Howard
RDTBrandon MebaneLazarius LevingstonGreg Scrubbs
RDERed BryantAnthony Hargrove
OLB1Korey ToomerLeroy HillMalcolm Smith
MLBBobby WagnerBarrett RuudHeath Farwell
OLB2KJ WrightHeath Farwell
LCBRichard ShermanMarcus TrufantWalter Thurmond
RCBBrandon BrownerByron MaxwellJeremy Lane
SSKam ChancellorJeron JohnsonWinston Guy
FSEarl ThomasChris Maragos

Or something like this. I'm worried about Michael Robinson being our only fullback. Robert Turbin has the size for it, but his profile says that pass blocking is a weakness. Otherwise, it looks like Seattle has a full and respectable lineup. Next year, Seattle may not have any needs to draft, and "best player available" sounds pretty good.

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