Thursday, May 3, 2012

Two (or more)Thoughts from a repeat viewing: Sounders v Galaxy

  • Rosales is putting great through balls in to stretch the defense, and his deadly accuracy and timing is meshing really well with Eddie Johnson, who has a great sense for the onside run and the speed to back it up. Of all the players on the Sounders when the Johnson trade was announced, Mauro had to be the most excited. They go together like Felix and Larry. 
  • Ross Fletcher made a... can I say splendid without sounding ironic? whatever... SPLENDID call on Montero's shot. He turned a basic, run of the mill run in space and spun it into goal-scoring gold with a completely natural transition. I'm looking into broadcasting for my major, but I'm not sure I could pull off a call like that if I planned the events myself. I watched the goal 10 times, and then I listened to the goal ten more times. More of that please Mr Fletcher. "Montero, with plenty of options, one of which is the ABSOLUTE FANTASTIC STRIKE FROM DISTANCE!" Honestly, I'm not sure whether the goal or the call was better. 
  • The Seattle Times put up a poll wondering whether Montero or Johnson would finish the year with more goals. It's an interesting question, one that could be a toss up, assuming both stay healthy and productive. My gut says Johnson, whose size and speed mesh well with Rosales' assists and who will benefit from Montero's style of play. Montero obviously wants to score, and loves scoring, but I think he has realized this year just how good he is in the role he has been playing, which isn't necessarily as the biggest goal producer. 

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